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baby born at 4:00 the seventh of July 2005 [Jul. 8th, 2005|11:31 pm]
This is one of the first greatest days of my life. One of the greatest things in the world is baby burth, no matter the messy nature that it is. I love my new baby that is absolute the biggest strongest babies that i have ever seen. Weighting in at a painful (for becky) 11 pounds and 4 ounces, kylie stands (on lays) 22 inches. she is an amazing baby that has grand lungs. i have changed 7 dipers and 2 of them have been just lovly. (that is to say a mess of the grand proportion)
Well love to all and kylie loves you and i love her. A beautiful baby that will top them all in my books. *hug* i love you becky and kylie. take care all . J
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damn, the baby is stuborn [Jan. 18th, 2005|09:58 am]
[mood |sadsad]
[music |*silence*]

Well the baby is good and really healthy. That is good but well it just would not roll over. We saw its legs and side and a little bit of the face. aim me if you want to see them. Well the day will be a long one such as i have to work till 10 tonight so yah. Well love to all sorry for the lack of posts. We will more likely find t in a month. Oh well i love you baby and you too becky.
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poor goat fish [Jan. 7th, 2005|02:59 pm]
[mood |complicated]
[music |bad taste]

dang i have not been on forever. I just got on to make deidra happy. and my self she makes me happy because i can relate to how she feel and also the veg. thing. it is cool i have a lot of vegan friends. i hope she can do it. well i guess i just need to free my mind i think that becky is mad about something. at me ? i don't know i just don't like her mad i feel iritated a lot lately. it is really annoying. well i had a good day and so was yesterday. jeff deidra and i had a very compterable pile. well today was wet and mr. wagner is creepie. aaaaarrrrgg he is at my window. jk. well talk to all that i love and that love me. Night all. i ove everyone esp. becky night all.
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a new year [Jan. 2nd, 2005|12:08 am]
[mood |highhigh]
[music |stuff]

Well this is the start of a new year. Yah i guess. well i have had a good day and a good year. i hope that this one is even better. I have really enjoyedd break. I had a good few days traveling. At first i was very tired and slept most of it and then i got there and got a little nervous. it made it hard to sleep. I just had fun seeing my brother. it was great. then i had to take the other car not mine because it was not ready when i needed to leave so i drove the contour all the way to georgia. it was weird i saw a tractor trailor flip about 50 feet from me the guy was launched out of it. it would have been really cool if i did not know he was so dead. well after that i was cut of by an inbusal trying to go the other way on the f-ing highway. the hell. oh well after that i had fun with becky. her parents of the father side are much cooler and her dad let us sleep in the same bed. it was shirley's bed the stepmom she even said it was ok. she even knew we where going to do things and her dad said it was not like it would cause her to get pregnet again. so it was nice to sleep with her in my arms. (? amount of times to many to remember.) well after that i woke up and it took a while. i left a little after 8. i stopped twice and enjoyed messing with other drivers. hehe i got a guy almost to run into a paint truck (not funny). and well i just got really tired so i decided to scare myself so i drove about 15 to 20 miles to fast. it was interesting weeving in and out of trafic. after i saw a guy pulled over beside me i slowed down. i got home a hour and half early yah. went to chris birthday/new years eve party. it was fun and i got to make a new drink. contents ?. well i drove there and home and other places in between. well love too all sleep well and night. esp becky love you
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chears to a good long day [Dec. 24th, 2004|07:30 pm]
I got up after being asleep for 4 hours at 12:00. It was great i was talking to jeff and deidra all night long yah. I played ddr for a hour or so it was great i love ddr. after that i got jeff to come over after like a hour of talking on and off. yah. we watched Kyo it rocks. after that we watched becky's favorate move "the meaning of life". Then we ate and jeff had to go home. it was sad o well. night jeff. Yah christmas tomarrow. Im not getting really anything
my dad is gettnig more than me. *tear* o well. love all esp. becky. Night

Love jay
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2004|10:37 pm]
[mood |fuck up in the head]
[music |Smack down]

This was a rather good day. got up and went to school. the buss ride was ok it was as boaring as usual. After i got to school i tried to find out my secdual and i could not. later i found out i got jazz band. YAH.1th and second we played uno and got introuble. after that we went to japanese (yah) and wrote to the japanese kids. Yah. 4th was boaring i played music again like everyday. Yah right. Well after that lunch was fun. damn it i keep making jeff look like he is jelous. I hate it i just don't know. i don't want to hurt him. 5th and 6th sucked and 7th was boaring with out becky. After class i went home. on the buss sam got molested i hate jimbo dumb fucker. o well got home got ready for 4-h. got in a arguement with mom and went. Had fun got my ddr game back and hat. i still want my memory card back. Well after that i got home talked to becky and got mad. i can't seem to know why but got fuming mad. i wanted to kill her boss and everyone she worked with. i want to stop so i got mad at my self. (sorry jeff i could not help it i had to vent sorry) well love to all esp. becky. Night,

Jay Drost
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeee [Dec. 19th, 2004|09:39 pm]
this was a ok day. i got up in the early morning at like 7:38. We went to Brandon's christmas party are had fun with a scavenger hunt that invoved up running around the car at a stop light and saying i have so much shopping to do. (this was all being filmed) it was great there were other things too. I liked the part were we played duck duck goose in McDonalds and sing a happy new year. there were more too i will tell everyone that wants to know tomorrow. Then i went shopping and prety much got molested my dome old friends it was mice to see them. after that i went home and Chris was STILL asleep damn that boy can sleep. after that we played games till he went home then i played games till now. well nigt, love to all. esp. Becky.love you. night p.s. got to talk to becky twice today yah. sad she is working (stabs self)((long story))
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re [Dec. 16th, 2004|12:21 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |yah]

It was a good day lost to do little time to do it though. I had a cold morning. went to class slep sorry baby, i could not help it. i love you becky. well 3rd was interestin. marie was very confusing. 4th was fun and 5th and 6th sucked as usual. 7th i was told to play music in the pratic room with kala not so bad but she is not very good. o well weent home and worked on lots of homework yah still doing it so sleep well all. i love everyone especailly becky. happy birthday tomarrow. night all.
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(no subject) [Dec. 13th, 2004|08:48 pm]
[mood |dirtydirty]
[music |d]

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg. i really hate hickups. my lugs bleed when i get them, it oppen up my whole that i have in the left one. damn it hurt *hehe*. i had a good day. first and second i tried to study for a test tomarrow. i know becky will do better nomatter what i cant do better it is not allowed. 3rd was wierd that ass whole teacher needs to die. he really is a douch and i want him dead. o well after class i got my picture taken for band. it was annoying. i hate it. well 5th was crap i don't have enough card, f. o well i have to write a these statement. damn it and spelling words. 6th slept damn class. 7 pllayed allstate music it was cool i love allstate it is so fun. i went home talked on the computer till dinner and mom talked to me all serrious. f our self mom i dont have to be a adult totally. f her and her messed up mind stupid woman. o well night love all especailly becky. night lovers jk j
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Poo [Dec. 12th, 2004|10:32 pm]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |cool crap]

A day that was interestingm i wanted to be with becky but i was as Chris's this was not a bad thing but you know how it is. i was interested in the game but i would have loved to have been with becky. i love you becky. well i had some fun and enjoyed the food and the other family that chris is. i went home around 7ish and talked to my baby. im so pathetic i cryed 4 time while we talked about everything going on and everything that is going to happen. im have a messed up bady and it is all my falt and i wish i would make becky happy forever. Sorry jeff for friday i could tell you were jellous and i felt bad. sorry. i got to finally talk to diedra on the phone. it took atleast 2 weeks but i got to talk for 15 minutes. damn her dad. he is like my mom. but not as bad. i love everyone especially becky. night all. love

~ Jay H. Drost~
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